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The second driving force I want to focus on as AIJA’s President is connection, through networking among young lawyers within AIJA, and through networking with lawyers and other stakeholders outside of AIJA.

One of the main purposes of AIJA is for its members to connect with other members and learn from each other, while accessing a wider, global network through AIJA’s contacts with other associations, law societies, universities and business schools. This is what makes AIJA a fantastic association from within, as well as an unparalleled stepping-stone far beyond its reach. I want to spend every day as AIJA’s President continuing to invest in AIJA’s valuable network and to enhance it. I want to do this by representing AIJA both internally and externally, as a spokesperson, an enabler and a promotor. I am among AIJA’s biggest fans and I am convinced I can carry that forward both within the association and outside of it.


Networking is a people’s business. Having AIJA at heart means valuing human connection,
because life is as good as the people you get to share it with.

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